Lukas Hunka webdeveloper seeking job and new challenges


Hi, my name is Lukas Hunka - czech webdeveloper currently living in Prague in search of a new job experience.

I was asked many times to send a CV for some job opening - hope you will enjoy your walk through my professional life and projects I have been working on in my past

I have been developing web applications for last 9 years - starting as a pure developer/coder and during recent jobs or contracts moving more also to the fields of project management and business consultancy.

I have rich experiences with developing in PHP(since version 4, currently version 5.3) - during last 2 years I am keen on using NETTE Framework as primary developing framework, GIT to maintain code organized and jQuery for front-end funcionality.

As for database engines I am based on MySQL, but I have also good knowledge of PostgreSQL and MSSQL - both as user and administrator.

I can code my own XHTML templates from source PSD's, using valid source code(both XHTML/HTML5 and CSS3 of course).

I would also like to mention my experiences as a server administrator - Linux and Windows.

This is huge advantage for me as a developer because I can do some server-side performance optimalizations to achieve better results of my code.

I can provide great reaction time, progressive analytical thinking, responsible selfmanagement and also fluent English - written and spoken.


Few dates, texts and numbers

Born: 24th of April 1987

Current town: Prague, Czech Republic


Phone: +420 732 708 388

Mind setup

I am looking for long-term job

I am willing to work abroad

I am willing to move to foreign country

I have no problem with communicating with people, organizing things by myself

I have no problem with solving your problems by myself (without guidance)

My previous jobs, projects and companies

I would like to divide my professional career into IT related and non-IT related activities

november 2014 - march 2015 - is one of the hottest startups currently based in Prague, founded to provide goods delivery service.

I was hired to a position of CTO and my main focus was to lead internal IT team, choose priorities for them and improve both backend and frontend featues.

I failed to lead the IT team in a proper way and according to requirements from CEO/Owner and left the company.

Most technologies used: PHP5, Nette, Kdyby, MySQL, Git, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON.

june 2013 - august 2014 - Whale Czech (under the brand of Woodlo)

Woodlo was a small startup digital agency based in Prague, founded to provide IT services for Whale Invest

I was hired to a position of PHP Developer and my main focus was on Magento e-commerce websites - provide support, develop new plug-ins, templates and other functionality

I was also responsible for the initial development of in-house ERP software, which was used by 3 branches from 3 different countries.

Most technologies used: PHP5, Magento, Wordpress, MySQL, Nette, Git, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON, XML, SOAP

april 2011 - may 2013 - CreativeDreams s.r.o. - Teamleader Interactive / External contractor

I moved to Prague in order to find a job - few days after my arrival I managed to meet awesome crew of CreativeDreams company.

At the beggining I started as a XHTML/CSS coder (back then my position was called Interactive specialist) but I quickly managed to get more responsibilities and became TeamLeader Interactive - I was also coordinating negotiations with clients, providing timeplans and I was also responsible for the followment of timeplans.

During 2013 we agreed to cooperate as two business partners so instead of being employee I started my own small business wich CD as my primary client.

Most technologies used: PHP5, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, E-mail marketing, Team Leader

june 2008 - april 2011 - Eversmile s.r.o. - External contractor

Eversmile was a young digital agency based in Pardubice, Czech Republic and during summer of 2009 they asked me to become their external contractor for webdevelopment related projects.

Soon the amount of projects was that high I had to hire my former classmate from University as a colleague

We usually got website design (designed in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks) and sliced it, coded in valid XHTML/CSS and put on our very own CMS written in PHP

Most technologies used: PHP5, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, LAMP

october 2007 - july 2008 - High s.r.o. - PHP Developer was my first serious job that I got during my studies at University

It was the place where I learned how the things work in life as a employee, how to follow company rules etc.

It was also a place where I got huge boost in my developer career and learned a lot of new stuff

I was only XHTML/CSS coder at the beginning with basic knowledge of PHP and ability to write few simple websites, when I quit this job I was on another level of my development skills

Most technologies used: PHP5, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Mootools

I had also few non-IT activites, most of them connected with fascinating game called Poker - started as a live blogger and managed to climb up to co-hosting TV show aired each week on main czech tv station

february 2013 - august 2014 - Czech Poker Tour Final day live stream commentator

After founding my own website - I realised we need some advantage against our competitors. I managed to negotiate that we will be the only one streaming biggest czech poker tournament series (taking place each month) on our website.

I also started to do the live stream host by myself - so back then my commentator career begun

Most technologies used: Live-streaming, Youtube streaming platform, Adobe Flash Media Encoder

December 2012 - Betsson - Live blog from GSOP Prague

I got an offer to write a live blog from one of big winter tournaments taking place in Prague - GSOP (Grand Series of Poker). I soon found out that poker is not only my passion as a game, but also a good source of income - since you do what you love and get paid for it !



Upper-Intermediate - I am used to communicate in English on daily basis, both e-mail and phone(Skype) chats with clients


My family has German roots - I understand German but since I haven't been using it for a while it might take a few weeks to get back into it.


Native speaker


2006 - 2009 University of Pardubice

Started Bachelor degree, dropped after 2 years to focus on my business projects

1998 - 2006 Gymnazium Nymburk

High School education ending with maturita exam from 4 subjects
Czech language, Mathematics, English language, Information Technologies

Certificates - jQuery & AJAX training course
MAS - Marketing training course
Cambridge English - PET - 2000

Social networks